Oscillating tool

Tips to Using an Oscillating tool

An oscillating tool is among the essential tools in the inventory of any home repair service. It can perform multiple tasks, from trimming to cutting, sanding, polishing, and more. You can use an oscillating tool for several tasks such as cutting through screws, nails, and pipelines. It is one of the multipurpose tools that you can purchase today to perform several home improvement tasks by yourself. These tips for using the oscillating tool will help you learn the ways it can be effective for your projects.

Make straight cuts

The oscillating tool can be your quick solution for cutting off a pipe or a piece of wood in a straight line without much man force. It can make clean, precise cuts, although you have to make sure that your blade does not gouge the straightedge or slip from your hand while cutting as it can ruin your piece really quickly.

Round blades vs. Straight blades

Oscillating tool blades come in different shapes to be effective in different situations. While the straight blade is helpful in cutting plunges that requires stabbing, round blades are more effective for making shallow cuts and then deepen the cuts using an oscillating saw. Avoid using oscillating tool blades on metal parts as it can heat up the blades and damage them. Keep in mind that heat from the friction can damage the sharpness of your blades. Use a brush to keep your oscillating tool blades shard and clean.

Remove trim without damage

Use the oscillating tool to trim down the objects without damaging the surrounding. Make sure that you have enough space between your piece that requires trimming and the wall so that you can slip a trimming blade inside. Use a metal-cutting blade to slice off the nails or screws of the wall neatly and avoid scrapping your wall. For further protection, you can use sheet metal to protect the wall.

Scrape away the sticky layers

When you are constructing a piece of wooden furniture, you will be using a lot of adhesives or some kind of joint compound that may spread around the wood, making it look dirty. An oscillating tool can help you in scraping off the gunk from your wood without leaving any scratches on the wood. It can be used further to polish your furniture with good wood polish.

Trimming the shims

An oscillating tool can also help in trimming away the shims when you are installing a door. People usually use a utility knife to do so, but it is a slow and stressful way to cut off the shims. An oscillating tool can take a second to cut off the shims without disturbing them from their place. It is a quick method of having a clean door installed at your home.

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