Planning Your Faith in 2022

Planning your Faith in 2022 after a drastic change in the past year is quite an embarrassing thing to do for everyone. We have experienced downfall, frustrations, and defeats, some have lost their job, and some have perceived themselves incapable of success no matter how hard they try. Yet, through these events, the world will grill our patience and determination to overcome the challenges.

Before, we have taught ourselves to be strong. We thought in our 20s that we could do many things and started to train ourselves to establish a mindset that “we only have ourselves at the end.” However, in our most difficult times, we realize that it is never a mistake to ask for help from someone. After all, life is meaningless if only lived for your benefit; to live well is to do well; to do well is having a virtuous life not only for ourselves but also for the people around us.

The year 2021 is almost finished; for the next three months, we will face a new year that we do not know what predicaments may arise. The essential trait that we need to possess is our resiliency and sense of brotherhood in the course thereof. We do not need to overthink everything, but rather, we need to trust ourselves and our Creator.

If the year 2020 and 2021 was not a good year for you, it is never too late to make a positive change in 2022. Thus, we must plan our Faith in 2022 for us to be better in the subsequent years to come. And there is no better tool to help you accomplish your goals than a Christian planner. Here are the things that you need to do to make a positive change in 2022.

* _CHANGE IS OUR MINDSET._ At all times, what we think is what we do. Suppose we keep thinking about our weakness instead of our strength, our in-capabilities instead of our abilities, and negative instead of positive. In that case, we cannot establish any positive change within ourselves. As Albert Einstein said, foolishness is doing the same thing every day but expecting a different result. Cliche may sound, but we can never have a positive life if our mind is full of negative thoughts.

* _GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. _When we were young, we were pampered by our parents because we could not yet live our lives by ourselves. We were taught how to walk, eat, clean ourselves, and even think. As we grow up, we realize life is not always good; it is sometimes atrocious, and our parents are not always there to pamper and comfort us. Thus, we need to get out of our comfort zone, not because we want hardships, but because we need to train ourselves to be more vital for the possible predicaments that may arise in the future.

* _INVEST IN YOURSELF. _I am not about financial investments when I put this one on the subject. Investing in yourself should be something that we should put our primary considerations to. Our Fourth Industrial Revolution made technologies easier, and it positively superseded our lives. With all the information available online, we need to make use of it to gain substantial knowledge and skills that are useful in the next 5-10 years.

* _TRUST YOURSELF. _As long as you are alive, everything is possible. We don’t grow when something is easy; some things are bound to go wrong even if you have put your blood and sweat on them. They are bound to go wrong to learn and shape them better until we make them suitable. You can do many things, and you are excellent, brilliant; don’t let discouragement take over your life.

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