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From Paul to Mohammed Ali

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By Emb Hashmi

Paul from Birmingham has left his non-Muslim up bringing after he started work for Hassan’s Supermarket on Dudley road in Birmingham. After which time Paul from a working class white family converted to Islam and became a Muslim.
Paul decided to open a new chapter in his life after working with Muslim colleagues and serving a large Muslim community he started learning about the religion and the different cultures, he was so fascinated by the Islam that he began to ask lots of questions and wanted to gain more knowledge. After a short period of time Paul converted fully to Islam and the owner Mr Hajji Zafer and manager Mr Mohammed Adris MBE and the local Muslim community decided to hold a small gathering and formally introduce him to the religion. The religious gathering was followed by palates of halal food and was held in the supermarket where he decided to convert and become a Muslim.
Hassan and Brothers supermarket invited imams to preside over the ceremony one of the main speakers was Peer Abu Bakr Chisti.
This is the first time an employee at Hasan Brothers supermarket converted to Islam.
The Manager Mr Mohammed Adris MBE said “I am shocked but very happy for Paul and we will all do everything we can to help him adjust to his new religion.”

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